Upstanding Tool Caddy Red - Sewing Tool Organizer

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The MadamSew Upstanding Tool Caddy keeps your sewing and crafting tools visible at all times and within arm’s reach. 

This organizer does not take up much space on your table and holds a lot of items of different sizes: seam rippers, small scissors, thread snips, elastic threaders, pens and pencils, fabric markers, screwdrivers, stilettos, lint brushes, knit pickers, tweezers, little rotary cutters, small rulers and gauges,...

The white bottom of this stash & store organizer is made of sturdy plastic and the colored top and inside is made of flexible silicone. These silicone pockets hold your tools in an easy-to-grab upright position and the caddy won’t topple over. 

Keep your tools organized - no more tools rolling off of your workspace -  and save room on your sewing table!

And that's not all! Not only is it great for organizing your sewing table, but give it a try in your kitchen, bathroom, and office to hold pens, beauty tools or kitchen utensils and see how much space you save!


  • Size: 1½ x 2 x 8¼ inch

  • Material: Plastic (white part) and Silicone (colored part)

  • Available in two colors: red and yellow

The Upstanding Tool Caddy is easy to clean. Simply pull off the silicone layer, give it a rinse, let it dry and pop it back in place.

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