Minimum Advertised Pricing
Resellers are free to sell our products for whatever price they choose, but are required to maintain MAP in all advertising, print, web, and media exposure. We do not have a MAP limit for products sold in stores. Our MAP policy for online sales is the product's MSRP, unless otherwise told. Madam Sew may, at its own discretion, may stop supplying product to any retailer to be found in violation of the MAP policy.

Wholesale Discount Prices

Wholesale discounted prices are available to customers that will be reselling our products to the consumer through an established retail store and/or website. Please provide a copy of your resale license, or state tax ID to verify Eligibility.Current prices and suggested retail prices are posted on our website:

Minimum Order
The minimum opening order is $200. Reorders will require a minimum order of $100.

Product Samples
We do not ordinarily supply product samples free of charge. However, many of our products are available for purchase in single quantities on our retail website. 

Placing Orders
You may place your order several different ways:

We have various service representatives that travel the country and can provide you in-store professional merchandising service.  Please email us and we will let you know if one of them is in your area. If not we will provide you with the necessary information you will need and will provide professional guidance on the best product mix for various display sizes and configurations.

Lead Time
Typically we ship orders within 4 business days and sometimes the same day. During  the busy holiday season it may take up to 8 business days, but this is unusual. If you have a rush order please let us know and we will exert extra effort to get your order out sooner. 

Out of Stock
We try to have everything in stock. However, there may be unavoidable outages. When an out of stock situation occurs we do not back-order out-of-stock items. We will either hold your order if we expect to have it back in stock within a few days, or we will send your order without the items, with the expectation that you will order the out-of-stock items on your next order. We will note on your packing slip any items that you ordered that were out of stock and will also notify you via email. 

All orders are shipped via UPS. So please provide a physical ship to address. Shipping costs are determined at the time of checkout. 

Shipping Errors/Damaged Goods
You must notify our office of any shipping errors or goods damaged in transit within 7 days of receipt of shipment. We will then issue you a refund for the product. Madam Sew accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the customer’s failure to comply with our carrier’s delivery. If the carrier has to return the shipment to us then the customer will be liable for all shipping charges and credited for all merchandise returned in sellable condition. 

We accept returns on all items with a manufacturer’s defect within 30 days of purchase. To process a refund please get in contact with your sales representative. 

Cancellation Of Wholesale Orders
After payment is received and processing of your order has begun, we do not allow for cancellations.
If you have not paid your invoice within 7 days, Madam Sew reserves the right to cancel your order and make any reserved items available to other customers. 


We do not offer exclusivity of Madam Sew branded products in any one geographical area. However, we strive to coordinate a non-competitive environment among our customers by selling to customers that are a reasonable distance from each other, or offer them a different product mix.

Private Labeling
We do not offer private label products at this time. Repackaging any Madam Sew product into other packaging is a violation of our terms of service and cause for termination of your wholesale account. 

Copyright and Intellectual Property
All of the designs, content within, and any materials made available on the website are the sole property of Madam Sew. The website, designs, images and content within are protected by copyright and intellectual property law and may not be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Madam Sew. 
If product images are needed for your website, Madam Sew will provide you high resolution digital copies. Please contact your representative for more information.
By becoming a wholesaler, we are granting you a temporary license to sell Madam Sew products and use our promotional imagery in your own marketing, however no rights to our products, designs, photographs, branding, or otherwise will transfer during the wholesale relationship. You hereby agree not to reprint, post, or copy (including electronic or digital scans) any photography, sales materials, or product designs without the expressed written consent of Madam Sew.

Any attempt to use our intellectual property in a manner outside of, or inconsistent with, these Terms and Conditions may result in suspension or cancellation of your wholesale account or further action being taken against you for copyright or any other relevant intellectual property infringement.

Suspension/Cancellation of Wholesale Account
Madam Sew reserves the right to suspend or cancel your wholesale account in the following circumstances. 

Changes to Wholesale
Madam Sew reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions that govern our wholesale relationships at any time. We will notify current wholesale account holders of any such changes. Furthermore, we reserve the right to make alterations to our wholesale products, prices, shipping methods, return policies or any other part of our wholesale website. If you have any questions or concerns about our wholesale procedures or Term and Conditions, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.