Seam Guide Ruler + FREE Magnetic Seam Guide

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With this Seam Guide Ruler you can set your stitches accurately on any sewing machine. With the free Magnetic Seam Guide you can easily keep that exact distance when sewing.

Is perfect piecing your thing? Do you want more accurate seams than your sewing machines needle plate markings are able to give? 

There are 16 little holes in the MadamSew Seam Guide Ruler which are made to insert a sewing machine needle. Use these holes to measure your seam allowances accurately from ⅛” to 2” and set your stitch on your sewing machine. The fluorescent green color of this seam gauge makes it highly visible against all fabrics.

You get an extra Magnetic Seam Guide with this ruler to make sure you keep that exact distance while sewing. You can just attach this little metal seam guide temporarily on most needle plates or metal sewing machines. The seam guide will not shift when you are sewing. 



Product Uses

  • Setting your stitch accurately every time
  • Perfect piecing when quilting
  • Accurate seams when sewing

You can also use the Seam Guide Ruler as a multifunctional little ruler 

  • to measure small pieces in general (2 ½ inch x 5 inch ruler) 
  • to trim small half-square triangles with the handy 45° line and 
  • to easily mark the pivot point to stitch corners, or to sew your binding with the integrated ¼” pivot marking cross.


Seam Guide Ruler 

  • Material: sturdy, transparent plastic
  • Dimensions: 5 ½ x 2 ½ inch
  • Markings: 
    • 16 needle holes for following seam allowances: ⅛”, ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, ¾”, ⅞”, 1”, 1 ⅛”, 1 ¼”, 1 ⅜”, 1 ½”, 1 ⅝”, 1 ¾”, 1 ⅞”, 2”
    • ⅛, ¼ and 1 inch markings on 2 sides
    • a 45° line
    • a ¼ inch pivot marking cross

Magnetic Seam Guide

  • Material: Steel 
  • Strong magnetic in the middle
  • Dimensions:: app. ½ inch x 2 inch
  • Weight: 1.09 ounces

Note: For ¼ inch seams you will need to either place the magnetic seam guide before the presser foot, if you can on your machine, or move your needle all the way to the right, so the seam guide doesn’t get in the way of your presser foot.  For less than ¼ inch seams, use washi tape instead of the magnetic seam guide. 

**Maximum purchase of 10 per customer**

A set of clear user instructions come with every Seam Guide Ruler and Magnetic Seam Guide.

We also have a detailed instruction manual with pictures and video available on the MadamSew website:

the online manual for the Seam Guide Ruler.


You can also check out the Seam Guide Ruler Youtube Video

that shows you how to use the Seam Guide Ruler on your sewing machine in combination with the Magnetic Seam Guide.


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